Z. M. Elsirafy, A. A. Taha, T. M. El-Zehery, Dawlat M. Ebady, Azza A. Ghazi
2011 Journal of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Engineering  
A pot experiment was conducted during the successive two summer seasons of 2008 and 2009 at a wire proof green house of Sakha Agricultural Research Station, Kafr El-Sheikh, governorate, Egypt. The experiment aimed to evaluate the effect of nitrogen fertilizer levels (N0=without nitrogen fertilizer, N1=10 kgN/fed, N2=20 kg N/fed and N3=30 kg N/fed) and three nitrogen fixing bacteria (Control=without inoculation, AZ1 (Ga+650) and AZ2 (Ga+500) as Rhizobium strains) on nodulation, yield and yield
more » ... mponents of guar plant grown on three( sandy, calcareous and clay soils) kinds different soil types. The experiment was conducted in a spilt plot design with three replicates. The Obtained results indicated that nodules dry weight increased significantly by adding 30 kg N/fed in the sandy soil whereas 20 kg N/fed (N2) gave the highest values of nodules dry weight with calcareous and clayey soil. 20 kg N/fed (N2) gave 289.44 and 289.44 mg/pot with clayey soil during first and second season, respectively. Also, inoculation with AZ2 increased significantly nodules dry weight with all soil types and the maximum nodules dry weight was 229 mg/pot with calcareous soil in the 1 st season and 228.58 mg/pot with clayey soil in the 2 nd season. In addition the interaction effect between nitrogen fertilizer and inoculation with nitrogen fixing bacteria in clayey soil gave the highest dry weight of nodules after 60 days with N2AZ2 (20kg N/fed combined with AZ2) of (840 and 640 mg/pot). Seed yield was increased significantly over control due to supplying with either 30 kg N/fed (N3) or AZ2 to a clayey soil. The highest seed yield values were obtained with 30 kg N/fed (N3) it gave 42.56 and 41.97 g/pot with clayey soil in the 1 st and 2 nd season, respectively. It was found that 20 kg N/fed gave the highest straw yield (117.73 g/pot) in the 1 st with clayey soil whereas adding Az2 had the highest straw yield was 100.53 g/pot in the 1 st season. Data also revealed that oil yield significantly increased with nitrogen levels and gave the highest yield with adding 30kg N/fed to clayey soil (4.45 g/pot) in the 1 st and 2 nd season, respectively. Also with AZ2 the highest values of oil yield was 3.43 and 3.46 g/pot in the 1 st and 2 nd season. Keywords: AZ1= (Ga+650) strains , AZ2 (Ga+500)strains ,strain 650= Rhizobium sp strain and strain 500 = Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain, guar plant, yield , protein yield and oil yield
doi:10.21608/jssae.2011.55673 fatcat:he4vd3slsvbxtj7dvyoa5iig54