Fermionic current and Schwinger effect in de Sitter spacetime

Clément Stahl, Eckhard Strobel, She-Sheng Xue
2016 Physical Review D  
We study the fermionic Schwinger effect in two dimensional de Sitter spacetime. To do so we first present a method to semiclassically compute the number of pairs created per momentum mode for general time dependent fields. In addition the constant electric field is studied in depth. In this case solutions for the Dirac equation can be found and the number of pairs can be computed using the standard Bogoliubov method. This result is shown to agree with the semiclassical one in the appropriate
more » ... it. The solutions are also used to compute the expectation value of the induced current. Comparing these results to similar studies for bosons we find that while the results agree in the semiclassical limit they do not generally. Especially there is no occurrence of a strong current for small electric fields.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.93.025004 fatcat:g22nvowounfx7jmi7awlptjmuq