Energy-conservation approach to modeling PWM DC-DC converters

D. Czarkowski, M.K. Kazimierczuk
1993 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
A new systematic method is presented for including parasitic resistances and offset voltage sources of power switches into averaged dynamic large-sigDal, dc, and smaIl-sigual circuit models of pulse-width modulation (PWM) converters operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM). This method � based on the principle of energy conservation. The proposed approach takes inlo account the inductor current ripple. With zero-ripple current simplification, the presented method gives the same res u1ts as
more » ... the state-space averaging method. Ref lection rules are Introduced and used 10 simplify the models. As an example, a procedure of modeling the PWM buck converter Is detaIled.
doi:10.1109/7.220955 fatcat:h5elae52bjgdxienjahrh5z25q