3.22. Star formation properties of barred galaxies

Rafik Kandalyan, Arsen Kalloghlyan
1998 Symposium - International astronomical union  
The main results of this study can be summarized in the following:(a)Magnitude-limited complete sample of barred galaxies was constructed. Space density of barred and unbarred galaxies at low luminosity range (M >-20) almost the same. At the high (M<-20) luminosity range about 30% of the galaxies are barred ones.(b)Bars do not have obvious influence on active nuclei. Presence or absence of bars does not related with the large scale galaxy environment.(c)Barred spirals, on average, have
more » ... nificantly higher relative star formation rate than that do unbarred galaxies.(d)Barred spirals exhibit tight correlations between FIR, radio and X-ray luminosities, while for unbarred spirals these luminosities do not correlated, which indicates on enhanced star formation activity in barred galaxies.(f)Group and non-group barred galaxies may differ by star formation activity.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900084357 fatcat:rkket6scmzhthcw4ucntk4pzsm