PREPARING INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BASED TEACHER Case Study: at Business Administration Study Program, Bali State Polytechnic (BSP) I Made Ardana Putra* &

Ida Sanjaya
On this globalization era that si-ens complicated problems, tight competition and sustainable changes is the thing that should be f'aced and passed by professional attitude. If that globalization claim is not anticipated well, he will be the loser at his own country, if he r,vould like to be exist and succeed on his business and his life. like or dislike he has to prepare himself and welcome rvith all consequences either physically or mentally. Business world, toufism world. all life aspects
more » ... even education must be ready to face new era in the crazy competition. There is a case for instance, in the near future the foreign communities will be able to open universities in Indonesia. Regarding to problems that are getting more serious, today's universities should be ready to struggle. International Business Management at BSP as a new study program expected to be international class rvhere everyone from all over the world can participate at that education because on the teaching and learnng process have to use English, Beside English media, the class should have standard facilities, e-administration-curriculum and handout that are reiated to industries and qualified teachers recognized by foreign communities