Camera Pose Measurement from 2D-3D Correspondences of Three Z Shaped Lines

Chang Liu, Feng Zhu, Jinjun Ou, Yong Yu, Renbo Xia
2011 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
Pose measurement is an important problem in computer vision. This paper presents a method for finding the closed form solutions to camera pose measurement problem by using 2D-3D correspondences of three Z shaped lines. This problem is a special case of Perspective-three-Line (P3L) problem. By introducing two undetermined parameters, we translate the problem into solving a quadratic equation. We also prove the problem's solution number depends on the relative position between the camera's
more » ... the camera's optical center and the three Z shaped lines. A unique solution exists when the optical center locates inside two right circular cones. The experiments show the method is efficient. The method provides a new way using line features and monocular vision to pose measurement and can be applied to many vision systems.
doi:10.22266/ijies2011.0630.05 fatcat:wcxit7jt35g4vi3vhqzwous2ry