Intelligent Embedded Software: New Perspectives and Challenges [chapter]

Fateh Boutekkouk, Ridha Mahalaine, Zina Mecibah, Saliha Lakhdari, Ramissa Djouani, Djalila Belkebir
2018 Intelligent System  
Intelligent embedded systems (IES) represent a novel and promising generation of embedded systems (ES). IES have the capacity of reasoning about their external environments and adapt their behavior accordingly. Such systems are situated in the intersection of two different branches that are the embedded computing and the intelligent computing. On the other hand, intelligent embedded software (IESo) is becoming a large part of the engineering cost of intelligent embedded systems. IESo can
more » ... some artificial intelligence (AI)-based systems such as expert systems, neural networks and other sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) models to guarantee some important characteristics such as self-learning, self-optimizing and self-repairing. Despite the widespread of such systems, some design challenging issues are arising. Designing a resource-constrained software and at the same time intelligent is not a trivial task especially in a real-time context. To deal with this dilemma, embedded system researchers have profited from the progress in semiconductor technology to develop specific hardware to support well AI models and render the integration of AI with the embedded world a reality.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.72417 fatcat:zujcegkyzfb6jasjdlpnfe4jai