Efficacy and safety of Reduning injection in the treatment of COVID-19: a randomized, multicenter clinical study

Xiaolong Xu, Junhua Zhang, Wenke Zheng, Zifeng Yang, Xuegong Zhao, Changfeng Wang, Hongzheng Su, Li Zhao, Leyang Xue, Fen Hu, Xiaohong Xu, Minyong Wen (+7 others)
2021 Annals of Palliative Medicine  
Reduning injection is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with known efficacy against a variety of viral infections, but there is no data about its efficacy against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). To explore the efficacy and safety of Reduning injection in the treatment of COVID-19, a randomized, open-labeled, multicenter, controlled trial was conducted from 12 general hospitals between 2020.02.06 and 2020.03.23. Patients with COVID-19 who met the diagnostic criteria of the "Diagnosis and
more » ... the "Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Novel Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia (Trial Fifth Edition)". Patients were randomized to routine treatment with or without Reduning injection (20 mL/day for 14 days) (ChiCTR2000029589). The primary endpoint was the rate of achieving clinical symptom recovery on day 14 of treatment. There were 77 and 80 participants in the Reduning and control groups. The symptom resolution rate at 14 days was higher in the Reduning injection than in controls [full-analysis set (FAS): 84.4% vs. 60.0%, P=0.0004]. Compared with controls, the Reduning group showed shorter median time to resolution of the clinical symptoms (143 vs. 313.5 h, P<0.001), shorter to nucleic acid test turning negative (146.5 vs. 255.5 h, P<0.001), shorter hospital stay (14.1 vs. 18.1 days, P<0.001), and shorter time to defervescence (29 vs. 71 h, P<0.001). There was no difference in AEs (3.9% vs. 8.8%, P=0.383). This preliminary trial suggests that Reduning injection might be effective and safe in patients with symptomatic COVID-19.
doi:10.21037/apm-20-2121 pmid:33894725 fatcat:sasjwvupozcbnddfky3lzagx6y