Star-formation in the host galaxies of radio-AGN

Mario Karouzos, Markos Trichas, Myungshin Im, Matthew Malkan
2013 Proceedings of Nuclei of Seyfert galaxies and QSOs - Central engine & conditions of star formation — PoS(Seyfert 2012)   unpublished
and the AKARI-NEP team There exist strong evidence supporting the co-evolution of central supermassive black holes and their host galaxies. It is however still unclear what the exact role of nuclear activity, in the form of accretion onto these supermassive black holes, in this co-evolution is. We use a rich multi-wavelength dataset available for the North Ecliptic Pole field, most notably surveyed by the AKARI satellite infrared telescope to study the host galaxy properties of AGN. In
more » ... r we are interested in investigating star-formation in the host galaxies of radio-AGN and the putative radio feedback mechanism, potentially responsible for the eventual quenching of star-formation. Using both broadband SED modeling and optical spectroscopy, we simultaneously study the nuclear and host galaxy components of our sources, as a function of their radio luminosity, bolometric luminosity, and radio-loudness. Here we present preliminary results concerning the AGN content of the radio sources in this field, while offering tentative evidence that jets are inefficient star-formation quenchers, except in their most powerful state.
doi:10.22323/1.169.0022 fatcat:tmvtkxke25dl5ofttfaqfyxpgi