"International Journal for Science and Emerging Need and Requirement of short Text clustering in Text Mining

Prof Harkawal, Singh Bal, Prof Rajiv Kumar, Satwinder Singh
Text mining is a branch of data mining that extracts useful information from various data sources for the purpose of predication, analysis, classification and clustering of text. Here in this context, we will discuss the need and requirement of clustering of short text in today's scenario. Clustering is a process of automatic grouping of text based on common features among text sets .Clustering does not require pre-information or any training data for making groups. Text clustering ,also
more » ... d as document clustering is very important part of Text mining .Various online and offline sources generate huge amount of small textual data such as email messages ,chat massages and SMS's of mobiles. The need for clustering occurs to prevent spams, preventing and filtering un-wanted messages to save memory space. So, there in this context, we will present research about requirement and need to cluster short textual documents.