Design Of High-Reflectivity Supermirror Structures

John B. Hayter, H. A. Mook, Charles F. Majkrzak
1989 Thin Film Neutron Optical Devices: Mirrors, Supermirrors, Multilayer Monochromators, Polarizers, and Beam Guides  
We present: a new method of designing supermirrors, based on considering the contribution of each bilayer to the extinction in a given stack of bilayers, and derive and solve the discrete equations governing the choice of layer thicknesses. In the limit of zero layer thickness, the usual continuum result is recovered. The design, which can produce essentially perfect reflectivity over the entire supermirror range, also provides an objective physical mechanism for trading reflectivity to gain angular range.
doi:10.1117/12.948743 fatcat:eyt4xohphncj7jzw7ewsbhtqim