2013 Advances in Complex Systems  
Montroll had considered a Verhulst evolution approach for introducing a notion he called "social force", to describe a jump in some economic output when a new technology or product outcompetes a previous one. In fact, Montroll's adaptation of Verhulst equation is more like an economic field description than a "social force". The empirical Verhulst logistic function and the Gompertz double exponential law are used here in order to present an alternative view, within a similar mechanistic physics
more » ... framework. As an example, a "social force" modifying the rate in the number of temples constructed by a religious movement, the Antoinist community, between 1910 and 1940 in Belgium is found and quantified. Practically, two temple inauguration regimes are seen to exist over different time spans, separated by a gap attributed to a specific "constraint", a taxation system, but allowing for a different, smooth, evolution rather than a jump. The impulse force duration is also emphasized as being better taken into account within the Gompertz framework. Moreover, a "social force" can be as here, attributed to a change in the limited need/capacity of some population, coupled to some external field, in either Verhulst or Gompertz equation, rather than resulting from already existing but competing goods as imagined by Montroll.
doi:10.1142/s0219525912500889 fatcat:2uyrupgrwfbcbns3ykbtyroe4e