A Mechanism for the Rare Fluctuation that Powers Protein Conformational Change [article]

Shanshan Wu, Ao Ma
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractMost functional processes of biomolecules are rare events. Key to a rare event is the rare fluctuation that enables the energy activation process, which powers the system across the activation barrier. But the physical nature of this rare fluctuation and how it enables barrier crossing are unknown. With the help of a novel metric, the reaction capacity pC, that rigorously defines the beginning and parameterizes the progress of energy activation, the rare fluctuation was identified as a
more » ... pecial phase-space condition that is necessary and sufficient for initiating systematic energy flow from the non-reaction coordinates into the reaction coordinates. The energy activation of a prototype biomolecular isomerization reaction is dominated by kinetic energy transferring into and accumulating in the reaction coordinates, administered by inertial forces alone. The two major reaction coordinates move in precise synergy, with one acting as a gating mechanism on the other. This mechanism is enabled by the structural features of biomolecules and may the cause of their unique functions that are not possible in small molecules.
doi:10.1101/2021.09.27.462043 fatcat:ekk3223i5zftlk3rfe2hgcxfjm