Sewage sludge valorisation by means of pyrolysis and gasification

Isabel Fonts, Maria Aznar, Javier Abrego, Gorka Garcia, Luisa Lazaro
2007 Linnaeus Eco-Tech  
In this work, the main results about the investigations into the pyrolysis and the gasification ofsewage sludge of the Thermo-chemical Processes Group are being presented, Pyrolysis hasbeen carried out in three different experimental systems: two kinds of fixed bed reactors and afluidized bed reactor, In these experiments, the influence of the operational conditions onproduct distribution and on some characteristics of these products has been studied, Pyrolysisof sewage sludge in fluidized bed
more » ... e in fluidized bed has been studied in order to maximize liquid fuel productyield and optimize its composition. In fixed bed pyrolysis experiments, the influence ofpyrolysis conditions on the production of a solid product (char) and its adsorbent propertieshave been studied. Gasification of sewage sludge has been studied in fluidized bed with theaim of finding the operational conditions that maximize the production of gas and minimizethe presence of tar in this gas.
doi:10.15626/eco-tech.2007.086 fatcat:gfasdbizcngmbm3mbmx2dazta4