Female Calves Exportation-A Technology for Live Animals Population

International Journal Of Business, Social And, Research Issn
Int. J. Bus. Soc. Sci. Res   unpublished
This research has been taken to find out the technology of alive-animal population distribution in a small land using secondary data. Simulation Matrix (SIMM) Model and Annual Selling (AS) Method were also used in this research. There is a possibility of exporting beef and beef-population from Bangladesh. Result of Annual Selling (AS) Method indicated that annually 10000, 5000 and 500 heads of beef, dairy and buffalo female calves can sale at the end of year. It creates opportunities to export
more » ... tunities to export all these numbers of female calves annually from Bangladesh. Due to small size of rearing land in Bangladesh needs "Female Calves Exportation" for proper distribution of beef-population. On the other hand, Malaysian government has given emphasis on reduction of the imported beef from abroad. The results of Simulation Matrix (SIMM) Model indicated that annually importation 10000 heads beef cattle, 5000 heads dairy cattle, 500 heads buffalo female breeding stock with 76-80% calving, 1-2% mortality and 5-7% slaughter rates can reduce and ultimately can stop the amount of beef importation in Malaysia. Malaysian trade policy has a great impact on beef-population exportation from Bangladesh. Therefore, Bangladesh can able to earn foreign exchange not only from beef but also from beef-population exportation by proper distribution of beef-population utilizing small rearing land.