Hameed Abdulameer Hameed Alkhafaji
2021 Psychology (Savannah, Ga.)  
Thatcherism era regards one of the great political and economic trends which have transformed a new lifestyle of British society to be adopting the individualism instead of the socialism. On another word, it is a transformation from welfare capitalism to privatization. This trend strategy has reflected new criteria inside the society. As a result, Thatcherism has given a new transformation concerning the Feminism and its role in the society. The research will shed light on the new concepts of
more » ... is type of literature. Thus, the discussion and tackling are directed to the selected plays of the playwright Caryl Churchill's Top Girls and Cloud Nine. The first chapter will discuss the phenomena of Thatcherism during 1979 until 1990. Then, the rest of chapter will mention the impact of Thatcherism on the second wave of feminism and the biography of Caryl Churchill. In second chapter, the focusing will be on the Thatcherism and its relationship towards the voice of woman. Also, the character Marlene in Churchill's Top Girls will be the point of discussion in terms of the resembling the image of woman that may stand on the next shore to Marlene. The conclusion will sum up the main finding.
doi:10.17762/pae.v58i1.2121 fatcat:gjhrbnqqwvbkndfdnboav7lkua