Negative group velocity of a light pulse in cesium vapour

A M Akulshin, A Cimmino, G I Opat
2002 Quantum electronics (Woodbury, N.Y.)  
Electromagnetically induced absorption in cesium vapour causes an extremely strong anomalous dispersion, leading to the propagation of radiation at a low negative group velocity V g • As a result, a resonance light pulse appears from the medium before than a nonresonance pulse. The advance time measured in the experiment corresponds to the group velocity Vg :::; -c/3600, which is an order of magnitude lower than that reported by Wang L.J., et al. Nature, 406, 277 (2000). Keywords: anomalous
more » ... ersion, negative group ve/ocity of light, slow light, electromagnetically induced transparency. A.M. Akulshin P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninskii prosp. 53,
doi:10.1070/qe2002v032n07abeh002249 fatcat:e6qqrpxueja37b2n3dzzttmle4