Feminist Development in Kaniyazhi Magazine

Banumathi S
2022 International Research Journal of Tamil  
In a society where men and women live together, equality for women is often not seen. The condition of women has been like this since time immemorial. While trying to investigate this, this research has been carried out on the topic of Feminist Development through Kaniyazhi magazine from 2000 to 2005. In this study, the origin of Kaniyazhi magazine, the purpose for which the magazine was started, the literary development of Kaniyazhi magazine etc. are mentioned. About feminism rhetoric, the way
more » ... feminism developed in western countries, the way women's rights were said in Kaniyazhi's works, how women's paintings have been depicted in artworks over time, and how women's paintings express feminist ideas by feminists today have been investigated in Kaniyazhi magazine. Regarding the status of women in society, the importance given to female education, how the words for women are handled in the language in the society, and whether there are words with a unique identity have been investigated. In the conference of women writers held in Hyderabad, it was discussed how the thoughts and pride of women should be sown in the works of women writers. This article examines the manner in which the above feminist ideas have been dealt with in the creation of Kaniyazhi magazine.
doi:10.34256/irjt22s850 fatcat:ulmffcn2grd3ja45oap22jtwc4