1888 Scientific American  
of Nashville, Tenn: This inven tion covers a novel construction and combination of parts to secure a perfectly rigid joint, as solid as the rail Itself, in which the jarring and jolting of cars pass ing over the joint is prevented and the wear of the meeting points reduced to a minimum. A rail way tie has been patented by Mr. Joseph W. Smith, of Mount Carmel, Penn. The inveution covers a novel construction and combination of parts to provide a secure fastening for the rails, and pecially
more » ... and pecially adapted for the water supply pipe of a ioco motive, and is designed to ruter the water before it passes to the injector, and also to provide means for preventing the cock from freezing up in cold weather, and for quickly and conveniently cleanin� it. A washing machine has been patented by Mr. George F. Dunning, of DeepWater, Mo. It is designed to a1I'ord a simple and effective machine, to be operated with economy of time and labor, and is at:· ranged to give easy access to all its parts for handling the clothes or washing fiuid, and for cleaning the ma chine when the work is finished. which, while holding the rails securely in position, will
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01281888-58d fatcat:cir22b5fqffszpmsuwkwdsebxm