3D Reconstruction from Stereo Images

2016 unpublished
Stereo is a well-known technique for obtaining depth information from digital images. A technique for building textured 3D models form 2D Stereo image using image processing techniques like 2D image acquisition, block matching, Pixel matching is presented, dynamic programming and pyramid construction for better results and finally 3D image plotting. Registration step is necessary because the shape of most objects cannot be observed from only one view: we must scan the object from several
more » ... ons and bring these scans into registration. But because frames can rarely be brought into exact registration, a merging phase is required to resolve these conflicts by forcing points to lie on a 2D manifold. Using correlation-based stereo yields significantly noisier range information than traditional range scanners, requiring model acquisition methods that take advantage of intensity information for alignment. Our gradient-based registration algorithm employs an efficient global registration technique that allows it to take into consideration all frames in the sequence simultaneously, improving registration significantly.