Research on Fault Diagnosis of Launch Vehicle's Power Transformation and Transmission System Based on Big Data

Yichi Zhang, Tao Shu, Xincheng Song, Yan Xu, Pengxiang Zhang, Jie Chen
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The on-board power supply system provides power for the launch vehicle. The power transmission and transformation system plays an irreplaceable role to ensure that the on-board power supply system receives the normal working voltage of the launch vehicle. There are many types of faults in power transmission and transformation systems. The traditional faulty diagnosis method of power transmission and transformation equipment has the disadvantages of being susceptible to experts' subjectivity and
more » ... model's ossification. In this paper, a new method of equipment fault diagnosis based on big data is proposed. On the basis of big data, this paper introduces the failure mode clustering algorithm, the state parameter correlation analysis algorithm, the fault diagnosis method based on the correlation matrix, and other key fault diagnosis technologies. The fault record data of the 400 kV voltage grade oil-immersed transformer bushing in the past ten years by a Chinese combat unit is used as a case for demonstration. The results show that the accuracy rate of SC-LSTM-K-means clustering model exceeds 95%. And the fault classification mode can be accurately obtained. A priori correlation algorithm with TA coefficient can be used to evaluate the strong and weak relationship between the state parameters; the fault diagnosis matrix based on Pearson's correlation coefficient can accurately determine the fault mode consistent with the actual operation and maintenance test results. Therefore, the fault diagnosis method of power transmission and transformation system based on big data can both effectively obtain the inherent laws of historical data and realize more accurate fault diagnosis with data adaptability.
doi:10.1155/2021/3108000 fatcat:5hldc6q4qfej7bjayxxotm2hqm