Neo-Nazis in Toronto

Michael Englishman
1997 Canadian Jewish studies  
Michael Englishman NEO-NAZIS IN TORONTO 1 Michael Englishman [Engelschman] was born into an orthodox family in Amsterdam in 1921. His entire family, including his first wife, perished in Auschwitz-Birkenau. He managed to survive in Holland on false papers until he was caught and sent to the transit camp of Vught in 1943. Mike was liberated in April 1945, a survivor of four more camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dora-Norhausen. In the Netherlands he reunited with Rika, the wife of his best
more » ... he wife of his best friend. They found her two children, who had survived in hiding. Mike and Rika married and came to Canada in 1952. Trained as an electrician, Mike eventually went into the electronics business. Our store specialized in the repair of televisions, radios, tape recorders, etc. We also bought and sold second-hand units, and because of the nature of our business we were visited at regular intervals by police detectives to check on possible stolen radios, TV's, etc., that were brought into our store for repair. One morning, in the spring of 1963, a detective walked into our store, and asked for me. He wanted to speak to me in private. So, we went to the restaurant next door for a cup of coffee. He told me that he was not with the police force, but that he had served during the war with the Canadian Armed Forces in an Intelligence unit. That is how he knew about the horrors in the concentration camps. He also knew that I was a Holocaust survivor. What he did not tell me was how he got to me or who had referred him to me. Even today, I do not know. I will call him 'Irv.' Irv asked me "do you know about a neo-Nazi party that has been started in Toronto?" If I had been wearing dentures, they would have fallen out of my mouth! I found his statement hard to believe. He said that if I wanted proof of this he would show me that evening where they met.
doi:10.25071/1916-0925.19814 fatcat:x2nkkgg5kjfkzepyltmje2cupm