No. XVIII.-Coleoptera; Platypodidae and Ipidae from the Seychelles Islands

Winn Sampson
1914 Transactions of the Linnean Society of London 2nd Series Zoology  
Read 5 t h March, 1914. PERCY SLADEN TRUST EXPEDITION Genus incertae sedis. SCIATROPHUS, gen. nov. (Figs. 1-5). Caput elongatum, depressum ; submentum valde in medio productum, maxillae lob0 intus setis rigidis ciliato, mentum latum, ovale, antrorsum subangustatum lateribus fortiter rotundatis ; antennae scapo plano triangulo ; funiculo 5-articulato, hujus articulo 1" truncato pyriformi, 2" minore, sequentibus transversis, latitudine vix crescentibus, capitulo oblongo, acuminato, solido sed
more » ... sversis pilis notato. Pronotum transversum, a prosterno carina sejunctum ; coxe anteriores leviter distantes, tibize anticm versus apicem leviter dilat a t e , apice rotundatae, extus non serrate, tarsorum articulus 3 bilobus. Scutellum parvum. Head flattened and broad, visible beyond the thorax from above; the labial and maxillary palpi three-jointed (Figs. 3, 4) ; labrum distinct, submentum prolonged medianly upwards into a long peduncle, the mentum being attached to its inner side towards the apex (Fig. 3) ; the lateral arms of the hypostoma very long; the antenme ( Fig. 2 ) elbowed, with a depressed triangular scape and a funiculus of fine joints, the first truncate pyriform, the second rather shorter, and the remainder hardly increasing in size towards the club, which is narrow and cone-shaped with two transverse rows of hairs, one near the base and the other round the centre, the apex having a tuft of pale hairs with 2-3 indistinct rows of hairs just below. The eyes prominent and nearly round, the antenne inserted below the dorsal margin of the head beneath the eyes, whilst the pronotum is divided from the prosternum by a ridge ; the anterior cox% are placed moderately close together, the tibiae being somewhat dilated towards the apex, and not having any serration on the outer edge ; the tarsal joints short and the third bilobed (Fig. 5) .
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