Comparison of Regularization Methods in Fluorescence Molecular Tomography

Dianwen Zhu, Yue Zhao, Reheman Baikejiang, Zhen Yuan, Changqing Li
2014 Photonics  
In vivo fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) has been a popular functional imaging modality in research labs in the past two decades. One of the major difficulties of FMT lies in the ill-posed and ill-conditioned nature of the inverse problem in reconstructing the distribution of fluorophores inside objects. The popular regularization methods based on L 2 , L 1 and total variation (T V ) norms have been applied in FMT reconstructions. The non-convex L q (0 < q < 1) semi-norm and Log function
more » ... have also been studied recently. In this paper, we adopt a uniform optimization transfer framework for these regularization methods in FMT and compare their individual, as well as the combined effects on both small, localized targets, such as tumors in the early stage, and large targets, such as liver. Numerical simulation studies and phantom experiments have been carried out, and we found that L q with q near 1/2 performs the best in reconstructing small targets, while joint L 2 and Log performs the best for large targets.
doi:10.3390/photonics1020095 fatcat:x2erqpi2abhghodoezci2hkwmi