Cultivation of an Endangered Orchid, Cypripedium macranthos var. speciosum Using a Mixture of Rolled Paper and Vermiculite as Culture Medium Support Materials

Tomoaki Oyamada, Akira Hiratsuka, Sigekazu Kurakake
2011 Horticultural Research (Japan)  
We have developed a new growing technique called 'The Paper Lite cultivation method' and have now confirmed its efficacy for cultivating Cypripedium macranthos var. speciosum. We used Paper Lite medium (PL medium), which is made from a mixture of rolled paper and vermiculite and placed an aseptic air ventilation filter on the top of the growth container. We transplanted young cultured plants on to the PL medium. Immediately after transplantation, we cultured the plants in a dark place keeping
more » ... e temperature at 4°C for 120 days. Then the plants were moved to a bright places keeping the temperature at 20°C. We maintained the plants under these conditions for 150 days, and fed them with a special solution prescribed and patented by T. Oyamada every four weeks. Just prior to their acclimatization and potting, plants produced by our method were compared with others produced by the standard methods. The former surpassed the latter in total weight, height and number of leaves, number of roots, and number and development of dormant buds. A year after being potted and moved outdoors, plants grown by our method continued to surpass those grown conventionally in height and number of leaves. The plants were maintained outdoors in pots for one year. We then transplanted them to wild forests. A year after this transplantation, their survival rate was 84%, and the flowering rate was 5%. Key Words:air ventilation filter, flowering, low temperature treatment, paper lite medium, survival rate キーワード:開花,Paper Lite 培地,生存率,低温処理,通気フィルター
doi:10.2503/hrj.10.315 fatcat:qwe2q7bcvvapzkdxcwevvlawia