Outage Analysis of Ultra-Wideband System in Lognormal Multipath Fading and Square-Shaped Cellular Configurations

Pekka Pirinen
2006 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
Generic ultra-wideband (UWB) spread-spectrum system performance is evaluated in centralized and distributed spatial topologies comprising square-shaped indoor cells. Statistical distributions for link distances in single-cell and multicell configurations are derived. Cochannel-interference-induced outage probability is used as a performance measure. The probability of outage varies depending on the spatial distribution statistics of users (link distances), propagation characteristics, user
more » ... ities, and receiver settings. Lognormal fading in each channel path is incorporated in the model, where power sums of multiple lognormal signal components are approximated by a Fenton-Wilkinson approach. Outage performance of different spatial configurations is outlined numerically. Numerical results show the strong dependence of outage probability on the link distance distributions, number of rake fingers, and path losses. Pekka Pirinen received M.S. and Licentiate of Technology degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland, in 1995 and 1998, respectively. Since 1994, he has been with the Telecommunication Laboratory and the Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, working as a Research Scientist in various European and national spread-spectrum, CDMA, and UWB research projects. He is also a Ph.D. student at the Telecommunication Laboratory. His research interests include multiaccess protocols, capacity evaluation, ultra-wideband communications, and wireless networks in general.
doi:10.1155/wcn/2006/19460 fatcat:xaexjekzkbhfdnhefxvmqaeydy