Hydrogen chloride electrolysis in a polymer-electrolyte-membrane reactor with oxygen-depolarized cathode [article]

Isaí González Martínez, Kai Sundmacher, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
I would like to thank Prof. Sundmacher for the opportunity to undergo my PhD studies in his group, for his guidance and support along these four years. He together with the partners in Clausthal, Prof. Turek and Prof. Kunz helped me keeping focus on what was important in the project as well as the fruitful discussions in our project meetings. I acknowledge also Rafael Kuwertz, who besides providing the electrode membrane assemblies and other material required for the project was a very
more » ... was a very competent discussion partner, especially in the last phase of the project and the putting together of the patent and DFG report. Very special thanks go to Tanja Vidaković-Koch for her guidance, constant discussions, and article/dissertation corrections, without her invaluable help this work wouldn't be completed. She was the person who was always there providing support, advice, help, and reprimands when needed, which helped keeping this work as well as publications on track. I managed to learn a lot from her, both on the scientific aspect (both in experiments and simulations) as well as in the way of presenting things and ideas. This work couldn't be brought to closure without the aid of Bianka Stein for the spraying, preparation of MEAs and DLS measurements; Markus Ikert for the SEM analysis and lab assistance; Torsten Schröder for the planning of the cyclone flow cells employed and lab setup realization; the personnel of the MPI and SVT mechanical workshops for the construction of the cells as well as Evelin Felsch for her support in the moving out to the Carnot building and MEA spraying. Thanks also go to Ivan Ivanov, Vladimir Panić, Miroslava Varničić and Nga Do for creating a very varied, interesting, and fun atmosphere in which not only working advices were shared, but also conversations about life, future perspectives, different traditions, which helped me to grow a lot as a person. I acknowledge them as they endured my mean comments of the day for quite some time (and even though they might deny it, they will miss them ☺). To the colleagues from the group and neighboring offices, whose advice, conversations, and getting together enriched my experience and made my time at the MPI a much cherished one. At this point I would like to enormously thank my family for the support they showed me since my master studies abroad, the patience of communicating only via skype and being together only once per year. I would like to acknowledge my dad for his encouraging example of studies and work since his humble starting up to becoming a doctor, which motivated me into following his steps. To my mom as well who was always there for me for advice (and cooking recipes) and helped me become the person I am now. To my brothers I would like to greatly thank as they had to endure all the accumulated material and jokes of one entire year.
doi:10.25673/4328 fatcat:7ogtxym6bfd65gev4tfc4l6tni