Fabrication of a Micro-hotplate for Application as an Infrared Emitter [thesis]

Amrita Singh
The aim of this research is to design, fabricate and characterize a micro-hotplate which is suitable for application as an infrared source. For the heater material, Nichrome Ni-Cr (80/20)w t % an alloy of Ni(nickel) and Cr (chromium) is used. Nichrome exhibits high resistivity, low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and is resistant to natural processes of oxidation and corrosion, these qualities make nichrome a suitable material for a microhotplate. The heater resistance versus
more » ... voltage is measured, and a value for TCR has been obtained by using a four point probe on thermo-chuck with the temperature ranges of 20 • C to 180 • C . NiCr structures integrated on micro-hotplates are simultaneously heated and the corresponding resistance is measured using a source-meter that applies bias voltage and measures current. The calculated TCR has been found only to be valid for the temperature ranges of 20 • C to 180 • C , and the device self annealed during the testing, thus ending with a changes in TCR. The micro-hotplate heater resistance is found to be stable after it has been passed through several conditioning steps.
doi:10.22215/etd/2015-10859 fatcat:d5wkmgjx7najlpcg4bxnbyzdaa