Problems of employment and job accommodation of persons with cerebral palsy

Radic-Sestic Marina, Gligorovic Milica, Milanovic-Dobrota Biljana
2012 II International Scientific Conference Special Education and Rehabilitation - Cerebral Palsy, Book of Proceedings and Summaries   unpublished
Employment significantly contributes to the quality of life, social interactions, economic security and independence of people with cerebral palsy (CP). The main objective of this paper is to determine the barriers that people with CP are faced with during a job search, as well how the workplace accommodation may provide them with employment retention and promotion at work. Six obstacles they are faced with were identified while analyzing the studies of the employment of people with CP. Two
more » ... le with CP. Two aspects have been identified within the education system. First aspect is the low expectations of society, primarily by teachers, during the education of people with CP, which leads to limited or inappropriate educational experience. Teachers do not expect that people with CP will ever be able to work, and therefore they are not engaged enough in their education. In the course of seeking and maintaining employment, that people with CP are faced with, great challenges are reflected in the financing, personal care, access to services and transport. Subsequently, in a series of barriers, there are negative attitudes of employers and employees. Finally, when they eventually get an employment there may be a problem with the job accommodation and with applying appropriate assistive technology. Workplace accommodation is an important strategy for reducing and / or easier job performance of employed persons with CP. The adaptive strategies that involve flexible planning and working hours, modification of work tasks, frequent breaks, assistive technology, Marina Radic Sestic, Milica Gligorovic and Biljana Milanovic Dobrota 256 supervisors support and additional training, which will be reviewed separately in this paper were used on this occasion.
doi:10.2298/micp2012255r fatcat:g7pqoscu6zarbct2s55etifihm