Heritage and Sustainable Solution-A Case of Kagzipura, Aurangabad

Ar Navneet, Kaur Bhatia
Heritage sites in the Deccan region of Aurangabad have become the leading destinations for many tourists .The significance of this area lies in the fact that the region leads to a variety and typological variation in the history of India and Islam. However, this research paper aims at initiating the analysis of direct activities on selected heritage sites and taking into consideration, the historical paper mill as one of those in the region which can be promoted by local development and
more » ... lopment and mitigate negative effects, which results in various human activities. Broadly analysis has been done in three phases i.e. research on the site and understanding interconnection, situational analysis to collect baseline data on selected site and recommendations. However, Ajanta, Ellora being the major tourist destinations in the zone but this paper focuses on historical paper mill at Kagzipura and many other historical components related to this area