Funktionen, Konzepte und Strukturen der Rehabilitation in Deutschland, England, Schweden und der Schweiz - Ansätze einer Methodik der vergleichenden Rehabilitationsforschung [article]

Markus Zimmermann, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
In this study the methodical systematic international comparability of rehabilitation is discussed exemplarily on the disparate health care structures concerning rehabilitation in Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany in the context of the social security of the respective countries. Data on the rehabilitative concepts and structures in the respective countries was gained and evaluated primarily by means of the discussion of a case vignette and a structured guideline in 21 interviews
more » ... in 21 interviews with 27 experts. In all four countries medical and profession-oriented rehabilitation measures were established but these were also found to be differing in their conceptual, structural and process-related design both within and between the countries. Thus, medical rehabilitation comprises six physiotherapy sessions as well as a one-year, multi-professional and multi-modal rehabilitation process. There is distinct variation in the possibilities of individualizing the measures and of enabling the access to these measures. The allocation of measures based on the principle of need is a shared feature of these systems. The recording of the macro-structures of rehabilitation has to be considered as a necessary precondition to be able to conduct bi- and multinational studies in the context of rehabilitation. Even the multi-centre realisation of randomised, controlled rehabilitative studies can only be valid if the particularities of the entire rehabilitative care are known.
doi:10.25673/2761 fatcat:4ivg6buyfjbs3cncmxn2k5aipi