The evolutionism of the Parables

Francisc Gafton, Adina Chirilă
2019 Diacronia  
Revisiting the parables in the New Testament, the authors of the present paper find elements that support the interpretation of these stories in the light of evolutionism—a concept of considerable depth. If perceived as a whole, and aside of any mystical reflection, the parables affirm the existence of a system generating and governing all the principles and entities, which, consequently, share its nature, namely its order, its equilibrium, and its vitality. Entities have the vital force
more » ... ed by an entelehic genetic datum, fundamentally positive, but which can be maintained, developed and evolved as such only as a result of the epigenetic becoming, in that direction. Naturally for him though, the religious human being subordinates the genetic datum, the epigenetic acquired, as well as the instruments of behavioural and ideological nature to spirit and the fulfilment of God's will.
doi:10.17684/i10a147en fatcat:rqnu5d62c5htnfbm3q5muwmmbe