Development and Experimental Evaluation of Macro/Meso/Micro Inelastic Analysis Method for Plain-Woven Laminates

Kohei OIDE, Tetsuya MATSUDA, Keita GOTO
2014 The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference  
In this study , macro ! meso ! micro inelastic analysis method fbr plain −woven Iaminates is developed based on a homogenization theory for nonlinear time − dependent composites . For this, a three − scale modeling of plain − woven laminates is perfbrmed by considering a plain − woven laminate as a macrostructure , fiber bundles ( yams ) and a matrix in the laininate as a mesostuctUre , and fibers and a matrix in the yarns as a microstructure . lhen , a macrescopic constitutive equation of the
more » ... aminate is derived by dually applying the homogenization theory for nonlinear time ・ dependent composites to not only the mesofmicro scale but also the macro 〆 rneso scale. Using the present a皿 alysis method , the elastic − viscoplastic analysis of a plain − woven glass fiberfepoxy laminate subjected to on − and off − axis loading is perfbmled . Moreover, the analysis results are compared with the experimental data . It is shown that the present a 皿 alysis method successfUlly takes into account the effects of inelastic properties of the epoxy not only around the fiber bundles but also inside of the fiber bundles . It is also shown that the results of analysis are in good agreement with experimental data .
doi:10.1299/jsmecmd.2014.27.20 fatcat:atjb7sa35zcqnjdgmfagyhfeo4