The effect of 6–week recreational futsal training on body composition of non–athletic obese girls

Mehdi Abbaszadegan
2018 Advances in Obesity Weight Management & Control  
Developing effective exercise programs for the sedentary people is a strategy for decreasing obesity and is expected to help in eventually limiting obesity-associated long-term health and societal impact. The present study investigated performance effects six-weeks recreational futsal training (7v7) for healthy non-athletic obese girls in comparison with an inactive control group. Twenty-four obese girls college students (19-23 years) with %BF≥30 were randomized into a futsal (n=14) and control
more » ... group (n=10). Three weekly 30-minute training sessions were performed with a mean intensity of 60-75% of heart rate reserve. Body composition was measured using skinfold thickness (4-site), Weight, Circumference measures (2-site), Body mass index and percentage of body fat (BF%) was measured before and after six weeks of trial. Findings of this study showed that Weight, BMI, Circumference measures and percent body fat decreased significantly after 6 weeks in exercise group(p<0.05) but not in the control group. In conclusion recreational futsal games is an effective type of training that appear to have the potential to create physiological adaptations and leading to significant decreases in percent body fat throughout as an activity to elevate the physical capacity non-athletic obese girls
doi:10.15406/aowmc.2018.08.00247 fatcat:v7evm2mfpbavhhnvucysitsuqa