ACTA UNIVERSITATIS DANUBIUS 34 rveillance Measures as an Alternative to Detention on Remand in European Union

2012 fax: +40.372.361.290. Corresponding author: ionrusu@univ AUDJ   unpublished
The objectives of the research aim at examining the deposition of the European legislative act in terms of their implementation by the Romanian judicial authorities, of the national legislative act, a comparative examination, critical comments and proposal continuation of others made in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the European Union, especially in the activity of recognition and enforcement of judicial decisions emanating from another Member State. The Results of
more » ... study focuses in particular on the possibility of executing the provisions of European legislative act by the Romanian judicial authorities, the identification of flaws in the Romanian and European legislation. The paper is useful practitioners and all those who wish to improve their knowledge in this area particularly important and sensitive at the same time. The scientific contribution of the work results from the critical examination of the depositions of both normative acts and the formulated proposals