The Vascular Plant Species in Sogwang-ri, Uljin-gun
울진 소광리 일대의 관속식물상

Hyun-Tak Shin, Myung-Hoon Yi, Jung-Won Yoon
2011 Korean Journal of Plant Resources  
The field survey to investigate the flora in Sogwang-ri, Uljin-gun, was carried out 10 times, from April 2009 to September 2010, and The results summarized as 430 taxa, 89 families, 253 genera, 367 species, 3 subspecies, 53 varieties, and 7 forms. Among these, 13 taxa were recorded as Korean endemic plant species and 11 taxa as rare plant species, which applied by the Korean Forest Service. Furthermore, 54 taxa were listed as specific plant species based on phytogeographical points of view and
more » ... points of view and based on the list of those plants approved for delivery overseas, 17 taxa were recorded as such in the investigated area. There were 15 taxa identified as naturalized plants, and their naturalization ratio was found to be 3.4%. Among the 430 taxa, 178 taxa (40.9%) were categorized as edible plants, 145 taxa (33.7%) as medicinal plants, 114 taxa (26.5%) as pasture plants, 63 taxa (14.6%) as ornamental plants, 15 taxa (3.4%) as timber plants, 11 taxa (2.5%) as fiber plants, and 4 taxa (0.9%) as industrial plants.
doi:10.7732/kjpr.2011.24.2.214 fatcat:w6s4sxan2vcrtd25s6dr6u5an4