Collection and analysis of Health Physics Research Reactor operational and use data [report]

C.S. Sims
1985 unpublished
Tours 7 Nuclear Accident Dosiaetry Intercoaparison Studies . 7 Personnel Dosiaetry Intercoaparison Studies 7 Training Courses S HPRR Funding 8 Suaaary 9 References 10 iii LIST OF TABLES Table Pate 1 Nuaber of HPKR operations by fiscal qnarter 11 2 HPKR ntilization factor 12 3 Percent of HPRR operations by type of vse 13 4 Nuaber of HPRR users by category 14 5 HPRR operational tiae by use category IS 6 Nuaber of HPRR users and percent of use by categories including foreign users and industry 16
more » ... rs and industry 16 7 Nuaber of aail-in users of the HPRR 17 8 Nuaber of persons given tour of the HPRR 18 9 Nuclear accident dosinetry (NAD) intercoaparison studies at the HPRR 19 10 Personnel dosiaetry intercoaparison studies (PDIS) at the HPRR . 20 11 Formal training courses presented by the DOSAR staff 21 J2 HPRR funding by DOE/OHER 22 v ACD»WUBD6BlfENTS The aathor acknowledges his predecessors in the position of DOSAR Groap Leader. They established the basic filing systea which allowed the data in this docmaent to be collected. L.F. Aaborn is acknowledged for her willing and able assistance in the publication of this docmaent. vii HIGHLIGHTS The Health Physics Research Reactor (HPRR) is the priaary research tool at the Dosimetry Applications Research (DOSAR) Facility. In addi tion to nse by the DOSAR staff, the HPRR is nsed by a vide segment of the scientific community for a variety of experimental purposes. This report is a compilation and analysis of data concerning HPRR use*. users, and operations through the end of FT 1984.
doi:10.2172/5858466 fatcat:5ptz32x3crbchaucj6o6ehbyjy