JOURNAL OF INSECT BIODIVERSITY AND SYSTEMATICS Adelius aridus (Tobias, 1967) (Hym., Braconidae, Cheloninae) associated with a Tamarix leafminer (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae), new for Iran

Hossein Derafshan, Ehsan Rakhshani, Samira Farahani, Francisco Peris-Felipo
J Insect Biodivers Syst   unpublished
A BSTR ACT. Adelius aridus (Tobias, 1967) (Braconidae, Cheloninae) is recorded for the first time from Iran. It was collected among Tamarix stricta Boiss and Tamarix aphylla (L.) Karst. shrubs in Eastern Iran (Hamoon wetlands, Sistan), of which the latter was severely infested by an unknown nepticulid leaf miner (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae). Adelius aridus is redescribed and its generic position is discussed.