Capacity Development and Payment of Environmental Services (Study in Surakarta City, Indonesia)

Faisal, Evi Gravitiani, Suryanto, Mugi Raharjo
2019 International Journal of ChemTech Research  
This study aims to: (1) Analyze the capacity development through education and communication to community by government for sustainable development process (2) To determine willingness to pay of the community for water conservation at Cokro Tulung and (3) Identify the determinants that significantly affect WTP of the community for water resources conservation. Respondents from this study are Surakarta citizen, precisely in the southern region of Surakarta, Laweyan District, Central Java. They
more » ... entral Java. They are the customer of Surakarta Water Utility Company, especially the water distribution of the Cokro Tulung spring. This study employ binary logistic analysis and Contingent Valuation Method (CVM). Based on the interview results from 147 respondents, it is concluded that (1) the Surakarta Water Utility Company (PDAM) is not yet intensively educate and communicate to community regarding to the proper water management. The role of the government to the educational policy is very important to educate community regarding to the complex linkages between water, environment, and the impact of human activities to water availability (2) The average value of WTP in R2 is 1.133,-; the average value of WTP in R3 is Rp3.368,-; ) The average value of WTP in R4 is Rp2.206,-; and the average value of WTP of trade group 1 is Rp 3.706,-, (3) Sex, age, education, house ownership, perception of the ease of getting water, and the perception of the importance of conservation significantly affect the value of WTP of water resources conservation.
doi:10.20902/ijctr.2019.120307 fatcat:mgj63izierakne5f4rizpejw5u