Dynamical gluon mass at nonzero temperature in instanton vacuum model

M. Musakhanov, Sh. Baratov, N. Rakhimov
2019 Physical Review D  
In the framework of the instanton liquid model (ILM), we consider thermal modifications of the gluon properties in different scenarios of temperature T dependence of the average instanton size ρ̅(T) and the instanton density n(T) known from the literature. Due to interactions with instantons, the gluons acquire the dynamical temperature dependent "electric" gluon mass M_el(q,T). We found that at small momenta and zero temperature M_el(0,0)≈362 MeV at the phenomenological values of ρ̅(0)=1/3 fm
more » ... nd n(0)=1 fm^-4, however the T-dependence of the mass is very sensitive to the temperature dependence of the instanton vacuum parameters ρ̅(T), n(T): it is very mild in case of the lattice-motivated dependence and decreases steeply in the whole range with theoretical parametrization. We see that in region 0<T<T_c ILM is able to reproduce lattice results for the dynamical "electric" gluon mass.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.99.074005 fatcat:pmvcy2ijk5bhrosp6oifymh3lq