Increasing Unit Test Resilience бy Decreasing Pointcut Fragility

Michael Hucko, Valentino Vranić
2019 Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference - Sinteza 2019   unpublished
By operating at a very detailed level, unit tests are very susceptible to changes in production code. Writing unit tests in aspect-oriented programming can help with their maintainability. However, the existing approaches do not take into account so-called pointcut fragility: a failure to address the intended join points due to small changes in the base code. An approach to increasing unit test resilience to changes in production code by decreasing pointcut fragility is proposed in this paper.
more » ... he approach is implemented in AspectJ with JUnit used as a test oracle. The approach has been evaluated on several scenarios encompassing typical code modification that render unusable the tests written in a simple object-oriented way. The approach proposed in this paper managed to make the test resilient to the most of the changes introduced by these scenarios.
doi:10.15308/sinteza-2019-369-373 fatcat:xcccbdy2avdhblzcigjxtyjsfa