Selenium and Diazinon Neurotoxicity after an Intraperitoneal Administration in Rats

Robert Toman, Svätoslav Hluchý, Nora Maruniaková, Zuzana Hajková
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of selenium, diazinon and the mixture of diazinon with selenium on rat serum cholinesterase activity after an intraperitoneal administration. Forty rats were divided into three experimental and one control groups. Animals in the first group were dosed with selenium (2 mg/kg b.w.), in the second group with diazinon (20 mg/kg b.w.) and in third group with simultaneous administration of diazinon and selenium in the same doses as in the
more » ... as in the individual dosage intraperitoneally. Catalytic activity of cholinesterase was determined 36 hours after the compounds administration. Significat decreases (P<0.001) in cholinesterase catalytic activity were observed in the group with diazinon (to 1.81 μkat/L) and diazinon+selenium exposure (to 1.25 μkat/L) when compared to the control value 3.69 μkat/L. On the other hand, cholinesterase activity in the selenium group was not significantly affected. The results indicate that diazinon negatively affects the neuronal trasmission. Selenium was not able to prevent the neurotoxic effect of diazinon, moreover, the decrease in the cholinesterase activity was sharper in the diazinon+selenium group.