Local and Holistic Feature Fusion for Occlusion-Robust 3D Ear Recognition

Qinping Zhu, Zhichun Mu
2018 Symmetry  
Occlusion over ear surfaces results in performance degradation of ear registration and recognition systems. In this paper, we propose an occlusion-resistant three-dimensional (3D) ear recognition system consisting of four primary components: (1) an ear detection component, (2) a local feature extraction and matching component, (3) a holistic matching component, and (4) a decision-level fusion algorithm. The ear detection component is implemented based on faster region-based convolutional neural
more » ... networks. In the local feature extraction and matching component, a symmetric space-centered 3D shape descriptor based on the surface patch histogram of indexed shapes (SPHIS) is used to generate a set of keypoints and a feature vector for each keypoint. Then, a two-step noncooperative game theory (NGT)-based method is proposed. The proposed symmetric game-based method is effectively applied to determine a set of keypoints that satisfy the rigid constraints from initial keypoint correspondences. In the holistic matching component, a proposed variant of breed surface voxelization is used to calculate the holistic registration error. Finally, the decision-level fusion algorithm is applied to generate the final match scores. Evaluation results from experiments conducted show that the proposed method produces competitive results for partial occlusion on a dataset consisting of natural and random occlusion.
doi:10.3390/sym10110565 fatcat:peovalbv7baphjwkfoi7fm2mha