Shape Design Optimization of Crack Propagation Problems Using Meshfree Methods
무요소법을 이용한 균열진전 문제의 형상 최적설계

Jae-Hyun Kim, Seung-Hyun Ha, Seonho Cho
2014 Journal of the Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea  
This paper presents a continuum-based shape design sensitivity analysis(DSA) method for crack propagation problems using a reproducing kernel method(RKM), which facilitates the remeshing problem required for finite element analysis(FEA) and provides the higher order shape functions by increasing the continuity of the kernel functions. A linear elasticity is considered to obtain the required stress field around the crack tip for the evaluation of J-integral. The sensitivity of displacement field
more » ... and stress intensity factor(SIF) with respect to shape design variables are derived using a material derivative approach. For efficient computation of design sensitivity, an adjoint variable method is employed tather than the direct differentiation method. Through numerical examples, The mesh-free and the DSA methods show excellent agreement with finite difference results. The DSA results are further extended to a shape optimization of crack propagation problems to control the propagation path.
doi:10.7734/coseik.2014.27.5.337 fatcat:yrrmgrof6rcd3gbx3awn7rivla