The Other Mrs Adams - Louisa Adams Review Article

Todd Webb
2016 Reviews in History  
If posterity remembered her at all, Louisa Catherine Adams probably knew that it would be as the other Mrs. Adams. She was the wife of John Quincy Adams, whose one-term presidency was arguably as disastrous as that of his father, John Adams. She was also the daughter-in-law of the formidable Abigail Adams, who, beginning in the 19th century, became a paragon of revolutionary womanhood. In her lifetime, and for a long time afterward, Louisa Catherine Adams was known as the woman who held a truly
more » ... tremendous party in honor of Andrew Jackson, perhaps the most extravagant that the city of Washington ever witnessed. As the newspaper editor and would-be poet John Agg put it at the time: Belles and matrons, maids and madams All are gone to Mrs. Adams.
doi:10.14296/rih/2014/1918 fatcat:wieqvbvoxvdhbmq7o24isdj24u