Modélisation de la dynamique des sédiments fins dans l'estuaire de la Seine

Isabelle Brenon, Pierre Le Hir
1996 IVèmes Journées, Dinard   unpublished
A two-dimensional depth-averaged model for tide propagation and fine sediment transport is used to simulate the turbidity maximum in the Seine estuary. Hydrodynamic results are compared with field data in order to validate the model. Whatever the initial conditions are, the formation and the behaviour of the turbidity maximum during spring tides is correctly reproduced according ta field data. During neap tides,. deposition pattems roughly correlated with the low velocities are in good
more » ... re in good agreement with observations. A provisional sediment budget for mean term simulations (jour months) has been attempted: although qualitatively coherent, it points out the need for accounting for consolidation processes and the potential role ofwave resuspension.
doi:10.5150/jngcgc.1996.030-b fatcat:jesmiuafdjfm7giflphnabfggy