Heat of combustion and formation of cyanogen

J.W. Knowlton, E.J. Prosen
1951 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
Calorimetric measureme nts weTe made of the heat of combustio n of cyanogen in oxygen in a flame at consta nt press ure. The data y ielded the following value for the reaction of combu stion: C2N 2 (gas) + 202 (gas)= 2C02 (gas)+N2 (gas), !1FIc o at 25° C= -1095.97 ± 1.80 kj /mole = -261.94 ± 0.43 kcal/mole. Utili zing t he value for t he h eat of formation of carbon dioxide, the following value is given for the reaction of formation : 2C (solid, g raphi te) +~2 (gas) =C2X2 (gas) , MljO at 25° C=308.94 ± 1.80 kj /mole = 73 .84± 0.43 k ca1/mole.
doi:10.6028/jres.046.052 fatcat:qa4bba7cqnddrhwygix7mxsmry