Solar Data Logger

Surendra Kumar, Tripathi Kunwar, Abhay Singh, Student, Pallavi Ojha, Anmol Kumar, Baliyan
2017 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
Solar intensity data log is an instrument for calibrating the insolation of sun radiations. Being aware of the available intensity of an area, it is easier to design and implement a solar power plant in specifically identified area. Such a design criteria need to identify the number of solar cells [1] and their placement as per the radiation level and how much battery to store the generated power. The conventional existing technology to measure solar intensity is Pyranometer which is a broad
more » ... ctrum device. This device manages the calculations for the whole spectrum which includes radiations which may not provide any work function. Therefore the efficiency of this device is very low. Considering the above mentioned factors, a low cost device for measurement of solar intensity is designed and is presented in this paper. This will contribute in providing intensity manipulation for the relevant spectrum of solar radiation.