CHAPTER VIII [chapter]

Emma Roberts
Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan  
Roberts, Dan H., The Diagnostic Suitability of Goldberg's Rule for the Mini-Mult. Master of Science (Clinical Psychology), December, 1975, 47 pp., 6 tables, references, 45 titles. This study was undertaken to determine whether the Mini-Mult is able to function as well as the MMPI for a limited clinical purpose, the discrimination of psychosis and neurosis by Goldberg's rule. The smaller size of the Mini-Mult (71 items) allows conservation of time .and energy by subjects and professionals.
more » ... rofessionals. Thirty male residents of the Austin State Hospital completed two standard MMPIs and one oral Mini-Mult. A fourth set of scores was obtained by extracting Mini-Mult from the first MMPI. Correlations and tests of significance were computed for raw scores and Goldberg's index scores. Results indicate no significant differences in the discrimination of psychosis and neurosis between the MMPI and the Mini-Mult. Goodstein, L. D. Regional differences in MMPI responses among male college students.
doi:10.1017/cbo9780511732492.008 fatcat:7bcva4m4w5dvpl43znn3o5nixu