Adaptive Boost less Magnitude based on Segmented Evaluation Resolution System

H Salomi, Hemachitra Sumathi, G Govinda
Image processing is a technique analyzing and manipulating the image and performs some operations on it, in order to obtain a better image or to extract some valuable information from it. Image Resolution is a one type of process which is sensor to observe or appraise the least object clearly with distinct boundaries. This process generally done by two type of approach one is spatial resolution and PPI (Pixel per Inch). Spatial resolution procedure is measure of how closely lines can be
more » ... in an image. Measurement of the pixel density (resolution) of devices in various contexts is PPI. In existing Scheme has some kind of problems such that gives irrelevant results. The predicament is the image resolution renovate means, the magnitude also renovate and get raise. In reverse, resolution renovation is shrinking then the image magnitude also gets decrease, there is no worth of its appearance. There is no specific mechanism for resolving these above issues. The proposed system approaches the new type of conversion method is Segment Evaluated Resolution System (SERS). This technique segmenting the Low Resolution image and makes renovation, pixelation of the image. Also this paper approaches rather than old system method such old system has input from several low resolution images but, our approaches makes it one to one manner.